19.1.5 38.2 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 Filter Score Ver. 20.0.1),Iris Blur (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,70.83,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 20.0.0),GPU Score (8 Bits/Channel),,26.8,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. 19.1.5 89.1 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 GPU Score Ver. 20.0.0),General Score (8 Bits/Channel),,22.9,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. This benchmark is very much a beta at the moment, so it isn't surprising that there are a few issues. It really helps find the slow spots in the system! The same machine got a score of 1064 in Lightroom. https://helpx.adobe.com/cre... . This benchmark is designed to thoroughly test various aspects of Photoshop to measure the performance of you CPU, GPU, and other hardware components. 19.1.4,83,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018,GPU Score,Ver. My questions to Puget: With your test system, you could test with 32GB of memory, and show the effect of the extra/less memory alone? Removed "Progress" text layer since this information is now reported in the plugin UI. 20.0.4),Lens Correction (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,14.23,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. It helped me to make a couple decisions. I am Curious to see the result. Want to see how your system compares? Thank you for reporting both the problem and the fix, it makes my job much easier! I was wondering if you saw my question? my GPU is top notch and water cooled. I used a MSI Z270 XPower Titanium MB and Noctua NH-D15S cooler (I originally wanted to use the NH-D15 but it wouldn't clear my graphics card). Don´t know if it is because the meltdown/spectre patches or what. I ran the Puget Systems PS benchmark for CC 2019 on my 2 old Dell systems, quite surprised how well the laptop stood up. I'm stuck with the GPU though. They will be close enough for rough comparisons (since we aren't changing the tests themselves), but not completely accurate. I did notice I was unable to complete the storage benchmarks using User Benchmark recently due to a sequential write not completed error. Results at same 4.8Ghz, Photoshop CC 2018,Overall Score,Ver. 20.0.1),Reduce Noise (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,46.27,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Please try to access it later. 19.1.7),PSD File Open (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4.32,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Jacksonville, Florida Area Manufacturing Engineer IV at United Technologies Aerospace Systems Defense & Space Education Michigan State University 1996 — 2001 B.S., Engineering Experience UTC Aerospace Systems July 2012 - Present Goodrich Aerostructures March 2007 - Present Nero plastics 2002 - 2007 . I am trying to help someone diagnose lag in photoshop when doing somehting as simple as using large brushes on a 4000x4000 canvas area on an intel xeon x3 1231 processor. But set 16-bit in Camera RAW and benchmark starts working in 16-bit mode.My system:I7-8700K @ stock16 GB RAMGTX 1060 6 GBSSD Samsung 850 evo 500 system, soft...SSD Samsung 830 this benchmark, In 8-bit mode my scores are fine:Overall Score - 929.8General Score - 89.7Filter Score - 96.1Photomerge Score - 93.3 GPU Score - 91.4, But 10 minutes later in 16-bit they are much lower (well, it's normal)Overall Score - 656.2General Score - 53.8Filter Score - 64.3Photomerge Score - 91.9GPU Score - 70. I feel like that's a bit low considering, well, it's a high-end component. But the link seems to be broken.I received an information: Sorry, you are currently unable to view or download this file. Sometimes if you migrate settings from previous versions, things can get a bit wonky. 19.1.5 101 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 Photomerge Score Ver. 8700KNvidia P4000Samsung 970 Pro (for images)Intel 760P (for System drive). I'll add a bit of a warning to this page to mention language. Google Drive is also a POS regarding ease of use. 20.0.7),Photomerge 22MP Images,Best Time,69.57,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. With this new app, Puget Systems offers now three benchmark solutions, the first of which was the Adobe Photoshop CC Benchmark. 19.1.5 52.8 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 RAW File Open Best Time 2.62 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Resize to 500MB Best Time 8.44 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Rotate Best Time 1.1 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Magic Wand Select Best Time 17.26 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Mask Refinement Best Time 5.06 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Paint Bucket Best Time 2.71 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Gradient Best Time 0.37 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Content Aware Fill Best Time 13.43 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 PSD File Save Best Time 4.79 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 PSD File Open Best Time 3.29 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Camera Raw Filter Best Time 5.49 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Lens Correction Best Time 18.52 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Reduce Noise Best Time 17.7 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Smart Sharpen Best Time 60.63 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Field Blur Best Time 24.75 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Tilt-Shift Blur Best Time 16.17 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Iris Blur Best Time 22.68 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Adaptive Wide Angle Best Time 23.79 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Liquify Best Time 16.71 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Photomerge 22MP Images Best Time 92.52 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 Photomerge 45MP Images Best Time 115.15 Seconds. Any way to fix this? 20.0.0),PSD File Open (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,96.85,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 13 sec open, 100 saving. Results:Photoshop CC 2018 Overall Score Ver. Results obtained first time by 'El Perro' (long times reading, writing etc.) 19.0.0 67.9 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 Photomerge Score Ver. 20.0.1) Photomerge Score 94.9 Score. I am running Photoshop 2020 on Windows 10.Thanks. All individual tests are in line with the published here, but the disk ones. It also could be that your CPU is holding things back. You probably have some preference set that is affecting the results. 20.0.7),PSD File Save (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 19.1.7),General Score (8 Bits/Channel),,44.9,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. I undervolted the chip because it actually raised its performance due to lower temps. 20.0.4),Tilt-Shift Blur (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,12.85,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. The real interesting thing is that I got higher score with HT OFF (4.7ghz), not many points ok, but it shows that photoshop prefers higher frequencies than more cores/threads.Probably I was wrong, but I thought that running 8 threads instead of 4 (even at a lower frequency -200Mhz) could lead at higher performance scores, which was not.These tests make me more uncertain about my workstation upgrade, 9900K or the new 3900x, My computer:I9 9900K64GB 2666 MHzNvidia 2070 8GB512GB SSD 860 EVOIf you edit many photographs you feel you need more speed. 20.0.7),Iris Blur (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,12.87,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 CPU Benchmark We’re now using Puget Systems’ Photoshop benchmark. 19.1.7),Field Blur (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,27.91,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. So not everything needs to be changed. 20.0.1),Magic Wand Select (16 Bits/Channel),Best Time,11.56,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. Ok after looking over other posted tests, it looks like my open and save times are excessively low for a m.2 drive. I then tested all my drives and they all checked out, so I'm not sure what is going on there. 20.0.1),Adaptive Wide Angle (16 Bits/Channel),Best Time,129.22,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. I have not changed any settings in Photoshop. At the end of your latest results there are these two benchmark results: >Photoshop CC 2018,Photomerge 22MP Images,Best Time,50.18,Seconds>Photoshop CC 2018,Photomerge 45MP Images,Best Time,43.46,Seconds. 21.0.1) Camera Raw Filter (8 Bits/Channel) Best Time 5.6 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. I saw another old Mac Pro that has pretty high scores as well. 20.0.1),PSD File Save (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,19.97,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. To address both of these issues, we have decided make the benchmarks we have developed available to the public for you to run on your own system!

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