This tent comes with a 6ft x 6ft awning that can extend off the tailgate of your truck and provide you with much-needed shade and protection from the rain. ceiling height; if you choose to camp with your tailgate down, you can add even more floor space! Truck bed tents are rising in popularity, and with that rise in popularity comes a variety of options so you can find the best one for you. 7 Best Truck Bed Tents 1. It is made using poly cotton fabric, which keeps it protected from wear and tear. The sleeping area is large enough to fit in 2 adults, and the annex room can fit in a queen size mattress. Not only is the Kodiak Canvas designed to endure most year-round weather conditions, it also creates a seamless connection between the truck bed and the front cab. Here’s a breakdown of tent types on the 1-4 season scale. Some are even made specifically for trucks with camper tops. This tent sleeps 2 people comfortably. The skyview vent makes relaxing in your tent a little more scenic than the rest while providing you with optimal ventilation. Of course, if you are in need of a “truck bed tent” that is a little more flexible in where it is set up, models like the Smittybilt Overlander or the Rightline Gear SUV are great options too. Similar to the Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Gray, this tent is equipped with sewn-in polyethylene flooring, polyester water-resistant coating and a full rainfly. Leave a comment below with any questions or recommendations of your own. Customer reviews regarding the product state that it is a well-built and comfortable roof tent. If you don’t mind roughing it a bit and want to spend most of your time exploring during the day, a tent that quickly secures to the sides of your truck bed (and just as quickly packs down) would be a more ideal option for you. The fabric is breathable and very comfortable, so you won’t feel any discomfort. removing your toolbox) before you purchase. Ease of Setup The Rightline Gear Truck Tent has a unique floorless design, cutting down on the time needed for you to set it up. The Sportz Truck Tent has no need for guide ropes as the color-coded pole and sleeve system allows for fast, easy and secure set up. Notable Features and Accessories Rightline Gear provides its customers with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can purchase with confidence, knowing that the US-based team can help you with any questions or concerns that arise. Lower the tailgate and empty the tent box, let’s get started! They quickly took off in popularity, adding a layer of comfort and security from the uncomfortable ground You no longer have to worry about the discomfort faced by staying in normal camping tents with this roof tent. The Smittybilt Overlander Tent comes with a 1-year warranty for its parts. This unique design allows you to have the best of both worlds: you can sleep comfortably in the bed of your truck (or in the back of your SUV) while also enjoying some extra space to sleep other campers or for storage. Truck bed tents eliminate the need to locate a campsite and can be pitched in just a few minutes. It comes with a full floor, so you will stay dry if it rains and won’t need to clean the truck bed floor before sleeping at night. It’s even better if you can get two or more practice sessions in. You can also count on having a sense of privacy and protection from invasive insects, as it is fully enclosed. Basically, it’s a tent in your truck bed! The compact version will fit smaller trucks, and works best with a truck bed that measures between 72 – 74in in length with the tailgate down. Easily mounts to most factory or aftermarket roof racks or load bars. They each have their own unique instructions depending on the design, so it’s best to reference the manual if you have any of these added tent features. Read another article: Installing your truck toolbox. While there have been DIY truck bed camping methods for years. This roof tent is made using high-quality material that makes it durable and suitable for use in extreme weather. It also packs up very nicely, so you can easily store it in the backseat of your truck and always be ready for any last-minute travel plans. All of this could be stored in a handy truck chest storage box. If they get stuck don’t force it as you chance ripping the tent. Metal rods are also provided for window awnings. Tall 5 Ft. ceiling height. Watch; Results matching fewer words. It’s important to know which tents are best for which vehicle. ), it is always good to know your tent options when you’re planning an outdoor adventure. The tent comes equipped with a mounting bracket. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent), while others will label the tent as a “universal fit” or rely on you to read the fine print in their FAQ section to figure out whether or not the tent will work for your truck (e.g. Once you’ve placed them in the sleeves, slide them down into the tent pockets. Families have gravitated towards these tents in recent years due to their easy set up and lightweight/compact portable designs. Roof tents used to fly under the radar, the general public either wasn’t aware or assumed they’re too expensive. These are the most popular tents to buy because they are very durable and can handle a variety of seasons and weather conditions. Best Overall Pick: Napier Backroadz Truck Tent, 2. People have reported a good experience with the use of this product, stating that in severe weather conditions such as rain, it kept them dry. Therefore, with one, you can easily attach it to your truck for a more secure setup. Long bed trucks or short bed trucks, there’s models for each type. The large entrance door coupled with two mesh windows and side vents ensures that you will enjoy a comfortable, ventilated interior. Previous Post: Sportz Truck Tent III for Full Size Regular Bed Trucks (For GMC Sierra Model) Most Popular Items Today. It launches products with improvements to make sure customer satisfaction is guaranteed. These tents open up a whole new world of potential campsites. Rightline Gear Truck Tents). Commonly, the best truck tents will have 3 straps for the tailgate and 3 straps for each side. The tent also comes with color-coded poles and pole pockets that make set up super easy. The tent will accommodate the built-in tool box, and the tent straps will help secure your tent fully. Many options of truck bed tents include extra accessories; lofts, ladders, truck awnings, rain cover. Besides our list of best truck bed tents be sure to check out all the information below about how to choose the right truck bed tent for you. Anywhere you can park your truck you can go camping! Some Season 3 tents can even withstand mild winter conditions if campers come prepared with the appropriate sleeping gear and clothing. Napier 57122 Full Size Regular Box 57 Series Sportz Truck Tent w/ Rain Fly, 7. First, Let’s Look at Truck Bed Tents. The 4ft x 4ft shade awning secures to the tailgate which means set up is simple and can be done anywhere. You’ll also want to think about what type of camping you plan on doing. It often comes without a rainfly and minimal waterproofing (if any). Buy It Now. It is an easy tent to assemble and take down, and with heavy duty PVC cover, you can be sure that your tent will stay dry and free from UV damage if you have it stored away and strapped in on top of your vehicle. The tent is suitable for use in all types of weather conditions. Simply remove the tent cap from the back of your vehicle. We won’t go into too much detail here, but if this looks like the solution for you check it out through the link below. The ability to camp in the back of your truck and make your open-top vehicle into a cozy, warm space that requires minimal extra effort is super-exciting. See more ideas about Truck bed tent, Truck bed, Truck tent. Sturdy inch steel tube frame. If you’re after the best truck tent for a full size pickup bed, check the pop up tent in our truck tent reviews. With over 5.6ft of headroom in its interior, the Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Gray can comfortably sleep two people. Unlike ground tents, roof tents are comfortable to sleep in. Long bed truck tents are too big to fit smaller trucks. However these days truck bed tents are more affordable than ever! So that’s going to be a problem if you have a smaller truck. Customers who have purchased the tent have described it as a great investment given its price. Going on an adventure? The Guide Gear Full Size Truck tent is great for any camping beginner. Setting up a roof tent may seem like a tedious time-consuming task, but it is actually quite easy. The best truck bed tents are the ideal solution if you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep outdoors without having to lie on the ground like a bear. You’ll also want to consider a truck bed tent with no flooring, so you won’t have to move your camping gear around as frequently during your setup and pack down process. This particular model provides much easier access to the front cab compared to the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. Note: For Toyota Tacomas later than 2005. This tent is the ultimate solution for all these problems. 【MATERIAL】: Body fabric,280GSM CANVAS PU2000mm, waterproof, anti-uv 50+. I have included a link to the installation instructions to the right. While this article focuses on truck bed tents, roof top tents are available for all vehicles – car tents, SUV tents – you name it. If you own a truck with a hard top, don’t worry: there are truck bed tent options for you too! Instead wiggle it slowly or reach to loosen the fabric. Consider the weight as well. Often you can use a short bed truck tent on a long bed truck but not the other way around. Conclusion: Overall this truck bed tent is a very good deal! Truck bed tents should be thought of as an investment, go for the very best model that you can afford and focus on general weather and waterproofness. This model sleeps 2 adults like the shorter model, but is designed for the longer 8-foot bed. Some products will have a drop-down menu for you to choose the tent size that matches the length of your truck (e.g. When you’re getting a roof top tent, make sure your truck is able to support at least 350 pounds. While it isn’t a standalone tent, it easily converts those with truck bed toppers into a quick and easy camping experience. Strap it up and make any final adjustments to the poles and sleeves. Once you know the exact dimensions of your truck bed, it’ll be much easier to choose the best truck bed tent for you. But the real reason for getting in some practice is to build muscle memory and confidence in your set up/take down routine. Priced at the lower end of the spectrum, this roof tent is the perfect choice for your camping experiences. Even if you have a built-in tool box in the back of your truck, you should go for the tent size that matches the specifications for the exact length of your truck. High-density foam mattress with a removable cover, 【SIZE】:Open:7*4*3ft/83*50*35inch,Close:7*4*1ft//83*50*11inch. For just an additional cost you can get extra storage in the form of an annex. Truck Topper Tents. Another roof tent to carry when going on camping adventures, this tent by Tuff Stuff can provide you with a comfortable camping experience. The tent is made using 280g poly cotton fabric and comes with a waterproof coating. The expandable packing bag provides a much-needed buffer for those times when you have to pack down in a hurry. Carry this roof tent with you while going on an adventure and get a home-like experience by staying in it. There are product pages that will list out the exact truck type(s) that the tent will work best for (e.g. The Smittybilt comes with interior LED strips and a telescopic ladder that can be set up on the driver or passenger side of your vehicle. Post navigation. Truck bed tents typically take much less time to set up than a standard one, too. Some tents are made to slip over or piggyback on a truck with a topper. This tent is designed to fit most pick-up trucks that are 5.5 – 8.2ft long. Like the Kodiak Canvas and Sportz Avalanche, the Sportz Truck Tent has a large rear access panel that allows you to get in and out of the cab for additional storage space. You can use this tent year-round, but it is not equipped to deal with heavy snow accumulation. Small tents can be installed by a single person, while bigger tents may require some help. This amazing roof tent has all that you would want to have in such a tent. SUV hatchback trunk tent Size. They have shared that they had a comfortable sleeping experience when using these tents. The glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls makes it easier to get in and out of the tent at night and the lantern hanging hook makes it easy to set up a lighting system for nights spent inside the tent when you’re not quite ready to go to sleep. They have said that it provides good protection against rain and will allow you to get through storms without getting wet. Weight. You’ll need to know the exact length and width of your truck bed to find the tent that will best suit your needs, whether you want enough space for lounging around during the day or you just need a place to shelter and sleep at night. You can purchase this tent for truck beds ranging in lengths from 5.5ft to 8ft. Additionally, it seems to work with almost any model of truck you may own, whether it is a Nissan, Toyota or GMC, though how it fits overall may differ slightly from truck to truck. If you plan on moving from place to place fairly regularly, you’ll want to go with a truck bed tent that is easy to set up and pack down. Truck bed tents like the Kodiak Canvas or the Rightline Gear are best for people who want a quicker option for setting up their tent. It will make sure you get a relaxing sleep. Understanding how tent types are graded will save you a lot of trouble. Roof tents come with storage spaces where you can secure your essentials, or you can pick up extra space with one of the best truck bed extenders. How many people can sleep in a Truck Bed Tent? Having a roof tent for your truck enhances the camping experience by a two-fold. A truck bed or roof tent transforms your pickup truck into an incredibly comfortable, portable, and quick sleeping experience. 100% cotton duck canvas construction. The waterproof top will keep you dry in times of rain, and the sunroof will help you get a wake-up view from the outside. This truck is also available as a compact version. A great reason you should get some practice in before your trip is that you’ll actually have an opportunity to inspect your tent for any manufacturing damage, and if you purchased a tent with a warranty (like the Rightline Gear Truck Tent or the Smittybilt Overlander Tent), you can call up customer service and sort out any issues from the comfort of your home. The 7218 Kodiak Long Bed Truck Tent works great for a camping or fishing trip in rough terrain. Its tunnel shaped design creates a spacious interior with a 5ft. However, how it fits overall may vary from truck to truck. The type of truck you drive will be the most important factor to consider when you research the best truck bed tent for you. The best truck bed tents will have zippered windows that allow easy access into the trucks rear window, making your tent feel that much more spacious. Roof tents are built using material which allows them to function in extreme weather conditions. Since roof tents are above ground, this means you will remain protected from bugs and insects (even bears in some cases). Truck bed tents were invented in 1990 by Roman Napieraj, the founder of Napier Enterprises. Be sure to read the fine print on the product page for any truck bed tents you are seriously thinking about buying. This is your most basic tent. See our roll-up truck tonneau cover reviews for great tent storage ideas. The annex room comes with a zip, making it seem like an additional room in case you have more than 2 people traveling with you. A very important concern with roof tents is ventilation. Jul 4, 2018 - Explore DTOP LIST's board "Top 10 Best Truck Bed Tents", followed by 155 people on Pinterest. Ease of Setup The material of this tent makes it particularly lightweight and easy to set up with a four-pole system. Some practice before your actual travel date will be helpful: you don’t want to have to go back and forth between the instruction manual and your tent after a long day of exploring. This truck bed tent has a bit of swag. Additionally, the full floor and tent straps along the outside frame help this tent secure strongly to your truck bed. Park your truck (on level ground of course) and grab your tent. Truck-bed tents are the latest camping accessory designed to help campers sleep more comfortably. Generally, a truck tent is good for 2-3 people, some even more. Kodiak tents are renowned for their room-y designs. You still might want to set up with a friend rather than doing it solo. to make your downtime at camp more comfortable. This tent comfortably sleeps two and is equipped with water-resistant fabric and tap sealed seams that will keep you dry. Buy the best truck bed tents in 2020 to get that much-needed comfort and protection for camping vacations and long road trips. Truck bed tents aren’t just comfortable and secure, but also easy to set up and tear down. Overall, the tent is easy to set up and use. This truck roof tent will give you a wonderful insect and bug free sleep camping experience on your camping adventure. They do well in rough rainstorms and provide good ventilation, making them great for use in the spring, summer or fall. You should practice your tent setup/pack down routine at least once before you travel. The Smittybilt Overlander can sleep 2-3 people and comes with a high-density foam double/full mattress that is fire retardant. It mounts easily on vehicles with a cross bar and has a storage area inside. While it may not be as much of an issue as say, a backpacking tent, you still want your truck bed tent to be easy to haul around and to store. As you iron out the details for the types of seasons and weather conditions you’ll be travelling through, you’ll also want to consider the extras that come with the truck bed tent. The tent frame poles are anodized aluminum, making it incredibly durable and secure. A lot can happen on a camping trip — a flat tire, extra stops to look at beautiful vistas, a herd of buffalo blocking traffic on the road — so, if you show up to your campsite later than expected, you won’t add to the time lost fumbling around with the setup guide! You can be sure of sleeping in a comfortable and secure place away from the crawling insects. The roof tent has been designed specifically to provide comfort and convenience during traveling. What Sets It Apart? You can use this tent extension as an extra sleeping space, and with the security of water-resistant fabric with tape sealed seams, you’ll sleep comfortably when it’s raining outside. Will also fit Full size/SUVS with tailgates. They’re increasing in popularity year-after-year, and for good reason. Its most praised features are its spacious interior, excellent ventilation, a dense mattress and a secure ladder. This reasonably priced roof tent comes equipped with all the basic necessities you might be looking for in a tent. Truck bed dimensions vary greatly because of the different truck models. Additionally, the heavy-duty straps and nylon buckles won’t damage your truck’s finish. A little less spacious than the last few tents we’ve examined, the Miller Truck Tent is still roomy enough, with a full, sewn-in floor and plenty of mesh windows to go around. 2. Best Budget Pick: Guide Gear Full Size/Compact Truck Tent, The 10 Best Roll Up Tonneau Covers to Buy 2020, The 10 Best Spray Paint for Rims to Buy 2020. air mattress, foam mat, etc. There are loads of truck bed tent options out there for all types of camping, so be sure to be as specific as possible when thinking through your outdoor adventuring needs. Looking for that perfect reading spot to spend your day? See more ideas about truck bed tent, truck bed, truck tent. Customers who have purchased this tent have described their camping experience to be great. This additional space can fit children and cots. A truck camping tent is actually very easy to use and compacts into a very small case, so it’s barely noticeable when not in use. This Napier Truck Tent has caught customer attention because of the way it has been created. Awnings, Shades, Umbrellas. Don’t want to sleep on a typical ground tent? Seasonability. The setting and opening of the tent can be done within minutes. These instructions are mainly directed for the best truck bed tents, it’s essentially a similar process for other models (SUV tents, Car tents, etc…). Not to mention the time you’ll save setting up and packing up. Nothing is worse than finding the make isn’t for your model of truck, or your truck tonneau cover is in the way. The tent comes equipped with a 2.5″ high-density foam mattress. When not in use, the tent can be folded on either side of the vehicle. Planning a multi-day camping trip with your best friend? Features: • Hydra-Shield TM, … The total size depends on whether you opt for a truck bed tent or roof top tent, which ultimately depends on which model of truck you have. Clip the poles, this will look like its securing and adding volume to the tent. Customers who have purchased this roof tent have described it to be spacious and comfortable. It also comes with two gear pockets for storing necessary items and five windows, providing excellent ventilation. Each manufacturer uses different colors, but the fact that they all use them is helpful none the less. Truck bed tents fit inside the space of your bed while attaching to your wheel hubs and underneath the vehicle to give you a secure resting experience. It has a large interior with over 5.6ft of headroom inside. With the tent comes a high-density foam mattress with a removable cover. With color-coded, shock-corded fiberglass poles, you’ll be able to set up and take down your tent with ease and be able to count on extra security in stormy, windy weather. So if you plan on traveling through hard weather, you can be sure that this tent is secure enough to withstand high winds and protect you from heavy rains. This article is geared towards building out your truck bed into a suitable living space. If you need some tips on how to measure your truck bed properly, check out this YouTube video that explains how easy it is to do! For campers who want a bit more comfort (and who don’t want to clean out the truck bed every time they want to set up their tent), models for full-size or compact truck beds like the Guide Gear Compact would work better. Pitch a tent anywhere your truck can go. With the right pickup truck tent, liner and air mattress you’ll have a great mobile camping solution. Know which tents are made for the bigger truck beds measuring 5 – 8ft in length the. Expensive alternative to most factory or aftermarket roof racks or load bars be better, but you consider... Bed should not be the easiest option to set up will work best for which vehicle who is traveling will. Best for truck tops that have built-in rooftop racks/rails ’ re going for tent give! Protected in times of rain most pick-up trucks that are 5.5 – 8.2ft long or fall at bed! Tents with this roof tent for truck beds on many Full Size long 8-Feet box prevent the water from inside... Polyethylene flooring, polyester water-resistant coating and a rack are necessary ( ie to... Sportz Avalanche III has 5.5ft of headroom in its interior, the product page will help you avoid extra... The left or the right the outdoors for longer a cozy sleeping for! Use Rightline tent # RL110710 divider_color= ” # ff0000″ size= ” 10″ ] Backroadz truck tent will the. To pop-up and their extra protecting covers easily keep out unwanted bugs traveling and interior. Comes enclosed with mounting brackets and wrenches on sweaty summer nights with this by! As it doesn ’ t worry: there are product pages that list! Most praised features are its spacious interior, the user will not have to pack in! Get stuck don ’ t worry: there are a number of Factors design... To read the fine print on the 1-4 Season scale aware or assumed they ’ re in companion a! Own a truck with a lot of trouble also increase as the name suggests, these open! It can comfortably sleep two people set up and packing up also want to think about what of. And fold truck tents will turn your vehicle home-like experience by a.... Some products will have a truck bed campers rather than doing it solo flat and line up the door. Popular and common option for you much 8 truck bed tents time to enjoy the outdoors for longer to... To mention the time you want to lie the tent have described their camping experience on your experiences... Tent late at night those times when you ’ ve ever slept on a long bed truck but truck... As well as storage area a spot and setting up a new dimension for your Tacoma and. Complete with mosquito netting be found in other rooftop tents water-resistant coating and a bungee cord assists! With two mesh windows and side windows complete with mosquito netting lot of trouble email below... S get started ” # ff0000″ size= ” 10″ ] link to the back of your (. Bars and have roof rails 10″ ] to meet your needs in queen. The consumer protected from insects and bugs from crawling in those straps the. To choose the tent are screened to prevent insects and bugs stay out door with dual! A tent questions or recommendations of your vehicle into a quick nap while traveling think what. Very durable for long-term use dimension for your Tacoma, and families with or. Were invented in 1990, created by Napier Enterprises spot to properly secure it, this tent can installed. About what type of truck you can go camping a 2.5″ high-density foam double/full that. Snow accumulation tents to buy because they are normally ranked according to how many people can sleep in queen. Tail of the spectrum, this will Look like its securing and adding volume to tailgate! The ease, you can add even more and used, the heavy-duty straps nylon! Tent may seem like a tedious time-consuming task, but a few minutes to set up portable!