The GSH levels were significantly (p<0.001) increased to normal levels. Sci. Chabre, M. (1999). Washington, DC: Population Council. days to heading, spike density, awn length, thousand kernel weight, yellow pigment content and protein content which were used for the combined analysis. All other chemicals and reagents used were of analytical grade. From the results obtained, it can be concluded that the MD tablets can be prepared by sublimation method. § Due attention should be given in availing, scaling up and sustaining wider range of post abortion family planning commodities in the post abortion unit/gynecology ward. Anticariogenic Activity of Methanol Extract. The sputum sample was decontaminated by adding equal volume of 4% NaOH solution, mixed very well and centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 10 min. (2011) showed anticariogenic activity of leaf extract of Scleropyrum pentandrum against oral isolates of S. mutans. Then the mixture was centrifuged at 16000Xg for 2 min at room temperature. This finding showed lower proportion of Mtb infection as compared to other studies conducted in Addis Ababa with 98.37% (Bruchfeld et al., 2002) and in Nigeria around 85% (Cadmus et al., 2006) TB infection was caused by Mtb . *Corresponding Author: Shukla,D., Subhashis, C., Sanjay, S., Brahmeshwar, M. (2009). London: Sage. Share of abortion for maternal death in Ethiopia, 2003. Family Planning and HIV Service Integration . Ramaswamy, S.N., Rao, R.M., Govindappa, D.A. Demythologizing Sociolinguistics. Academic press. Statistical methods for classifying genotypes. International Journal of Drug Development & Research 3(4): 344-350. Geneva. I carried on the duplicated experiments for two previous mentioned methods in the same image samples, the experimental results are listed in table 2. Bioflavonoid classification, pharmacological, biochemical effects and therapeutic potential. Trends of all form of TB, PTB, EPTB, smear positive and smear negative PTB that registered in the last five year in Nekemte and its surroundings. Since women have long been denied equality with men as far as educational and employment opportunities are concerned, these are not reliable indicators of a woman’s status or the status she aspires to. Labov, W (1972). Test for Saponins: 0.5 g of the extract was dissolved with 5 ml of distilled water and filtered. 1(1): 01-09. In both form of TB (ETB and EPTB) the age group that most common affected by this disease was 15-44 (47.10%) followed with 45-64 (35.50%), and 5-15 (14.39%). Mouth dissolving tablets are also called as rapidly dissolving, rapidly disintegrating, orodispersible, orally disintegrating, fast dissolving, fast disintegrating tablets. Language Variation and Change 11(3): 287-313. Inhibitory Efficacy of Croton gibsonianus Nimm. Estimation of superoxide dismutase in the brain homogenates of mice which received Aluminium fluoride in drinking water and drug treatment. In particular, a bitter taste can decrease the patient compliance and thus reducing an effective pharmacotherapy. USAID and JHIEGO. Comparing a preliminary racial classification with numerical classification of the maize landraces of Uruguay. You Da Man: Narrating the Racial Other in the Production of White Masculinity. Isolation of active components from crude extract and their cytotoxic activity is under study. Ram Mohan Gupta, V., Halakatti, P.K., Lakshmi Narasu, M., Chandrashekhar, V.M. ( q ). Global tuberculosis control: surveillance, planning, financing: WHO report 2008: (WHO/HTM/TB/2008.393). border: 1px solid #ccc;" So we determine collective and effective texture region of the entering iris and registering iris. The mouth disintegrating tablets were prepared by direct compression method. Jiri Stohr., Jiri Novotny., Lenka Bourova., Petr Svoboda. Raviglione, M.C., O'Brien, R.J . The fragments were visualized by scanning with Typhoon Trio scanner. The disease remains one of the most important causes of human morbidity and mortality with enormous medical, economic and emotional impact in the world, and in most African countries including Ethiopia. (2012).Antioxidant Activity of Natural Products against Aluminium Fluoride Induced Oxidative Stress. Contact him at mofycbsj @ The white rectangular area is the effective iris area. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 582: 67-68. padding: 10px; 1(1): 10-17. (2003). The protein contents of 10 % liver homogenates were determined by using the modified Lowry’s method (Lowry et al., 1951). The microsatellite primers are presented in Table 2. J. Jan-March 2012, 1(1): 65, Global Environmental Governance and Desertification: A Study of Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. Some tablets are designed to dissolve in saliva remarkably fast, within a few seconds, and are true fast-dissolving tablets (Bhupendra and Nayan, 2009). 2ndedn. The flavonoids have potent antioxidant activity in AlF4 induced oxidative stress. UNEP’s methodology is being considered as most suitable. Some of the oldest skeletal evidence for anatomically modern humans has been found in Ethiopia. Those sampled post abortion women during the data collection time at the studied facilities were the study populations. Branchlets are stellately pubescent; leaves opposite, elliptic oblong, glandular-serrate, apex shortly acuminate, base rounded with a pair of glands. DOTS improves treatement out comes and servies coverage for tuberculosis in Ethiopia: a retrospective tend analysis. Genetic distances between accessions, within and between species, within and between regions, and within and between altitudes were computed using Gower’s distance (Gower, 1971). GoTaq® Green master mix (a, b) (Flanagan et al., 2005) is a premixed ready to use solution containing a non-recombinant modified form of TaqDNA polymerase that lacks 5΄→3΄exonuclease activity. Through establishing different a, b, and c it may fit the lower eyelid well, thus it can eliminates influence of the lower eyelid for the effective iris region. Cameron, D. (1998a). Wally, J. D., Khan, M. A., Newell, J. N., Khan, M. H. (2001). The CRR of this article under the threshold value is slightly lower than the Daugman’s algorithm, but is higher than Boles’s algorithm. 1. Individuals or communities of practice may engage frequently, or habitually, in particular patterns of moves and activities, yielding a discursive style. In order to achieve an acceptable palatability, the addition of flavors or sweeteners is limited and may not be efficient enough to mask the taste buds of drugs and requires the use of technological processes (Pankaj, 2010). Mice treated with Aluminium fluoride decreased the levels of about 5.114±0.291 and 3.213±0.423 in and liver tissue homogenate respectively as comparison to normal control. Anderson, J.E., Goetz, C.M., McLaughlin, J.L., Suffness, M. (1991). DMSO did not cause any inhibition of bacterial isolates. . Subscribe now to local news that matters, plus full local sports coverage. (1990). Early studies of interruptions, such as Zimmerman and West (1975), were based on the assumption that interruption is a strategy for asserting conversational dominance and that conversational dominance in turn supports global dominance. Over the last several years, numerous reports from China, India and elsewhere indicate that fluoride in varying concentrations induces free radical toxicity in both animals and in people living in areas of endemic fluorosis. Pp1941-1946. .login-window img{ Effect of leaf-extract from Camellia sinensis and seed-extract from Casia tora on viability of mutans streptococci isolated from the interface between orthodontic brackets and tooth surfaces. Elderly patients may find. Aluminium, a requirement for activation of the regulatory component of adenylate cyclase by fluoride. Solo, J., Billings, D., Aloo-Obunga, C., Ominde, A., Maumi, M. (1999). Figure 3. I. The in vitro disintegration time of a tablet was determined using disintegration test apparatus as per IP specifications. The present research work helped in understanding the effect of formulation processing variables especially the subliming agent on the drug release profile for MD tablets. Significant proportion of post abortion women left the health facility without getting family planning counselling and contraceptive method. There are varieties of integration strategies to bring FP services to health programs already accessed by women. Lakoff (1973) too says that women may answer a question with a statement that employs the rising intonation pattern usually associated with a question rather than the falling intonation pattern associated with making a firm statement. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 53: 1115-1126. In order to realize exactly matching, it must eliminate these factors through the image pre-processing. And these decisions are not made simply with reference to gender, but with reference to all the other aspects of our being that interact -- often unknown to us -- with gender. Although within region and between regions dissimilarities were not significant, accessions of unknown origin were responsible for higher dissimilarities. This separation was supported by the academic linguistic canon, which viewed language as a system beyond the reach of those who use it. Family planning services may be integrated with a wide range of other services; such as with STI/HIV/AIDS services, with post abortion care, with immunization service (Farrell, 2007). Journal of clinical microbiology 40: 1636-1643. Pp. Arts Res. The selected formulations (MEC3, MEC4 and MEN3) were found stable and not much difference in the results after studying the different parameters. Evaluation of antioxidant potential of natural products against Aluminium fluoride (AlF4) induced oxidative stress in albino mice were represented in the present study. According to Lakoff, women do this because they are less sure about themselves and their opinions than are men. World Health Organization. (2003). Preliminary Study on the Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in Nekemte and Its Surroundings -Western Ethiopia. Excitotoxicity: A possible central mechanism in fluoride neurotoxicity; Fluoride 37(4): 301-314. It is conventional wisdom that the oxidative stress response is triggered by an imbalance in the production and metabolism of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Role of aguanine nucleotide binding regulatory protein in the hydrolysis of hepatocyte phospatidylinositol 4,5-bisposphate by calcium –mobilizing hormones and the control of cell calcium. Using 22 SSR markers Alamerew et al. The most remarkable result of the dendrogram is that almost allT. Eyelash Detection Template. Figure 1. (1993). Effect of direct observed treatment component of DOTS for tuberculosis: a randomized controlled trail in Pakistan. Even though, the mean age of all registered TB cases was 35.35, in both forms of TB, the age group that most commonly affected by this disease was 15-44 followed with 45-64. Animal care and protocols were in accordance with and approved by the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee, Hanagal Shri Kumareshwara college of Pharmacy, B.V.V.S. The primers used in this study was RD4 flank FCTCGT CGAAGGCCACTAAAG; RD4 flan RAAGGC GAACAGATTCAGCAT; and RD4 intF; ACA GGCTGGCGAAGTATAGC. New York: The ACQUIRE Project/Engender Health. Integration of Family Planning Services within Post Abortion Care at Health Facilities in Dessie –North East Ethiopia, Awol Seid, Abebe Gebremicheal, Mulumebet Abera.......................................... Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. STAR Journal is an official international journal of Wollega University, Ethiopia and Wollega University through STAR Journal supports open-access to the published output of research as fundamental parts of its Vision, Mission and Public benefit to be encouraged wherever possible. the future fertility desire, knowledge on fertility return after abortion, family planning service provision among post abortion women and to investigate the integration model of providing family planning services within post abortion care at the target health facilities. background: #fff; Figure 3. A p-value of <0.05 was considered statistically significant. Highly cited: In 2018, scholars in academic journals cited SMJ articles 34,978 times - #4/127 in the "Management" list, #3/147 in the "Business" list. Ethiopian Journal of Health Development 22 (1): 26-33. Aceriphyllic acid A was found to possess faster bacteriostatic activity and the inhibitory action was shown to be membrane disruption leading to killing of bacteria. Most of the studied facilities used onsite provision of family planning services at post abortion/delivery room /gynaecology ward or at the same room where the abortion procedure is performed. All essays are available for re-print, with the explicit permission of the author. Asian edition. Arts Res. For ammonium bicarbonate formulations bulk density found between 0.50 to 0.58 gm/cm3, tapped density between 0.59 to 0.67 gm/cm3, % compressibility found to be 13.46 to 18.00 and angle of repose found to 29.05 to 30.57. Obituary: Andy Olds. ii) 1 ml of the filtrate was treated with a few drops of Mayer’s reagent. 5th edition, Geneva. Absorbance of these solutions was measured at 273 nm UV spectrophotometer (USP, 2000). Classifying genetic resources by categorical and continuous variables. However, in below 15 age groups, around 54.4% active TB recorded in female while in above 15 years old TB was prevalent in males (χ2=30.205; p<0.001). Rana, R.S., Hokin, L.E. Find items in libraries near you. American Journal of Physiology - Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 279: L1005-L1028. Dental caries is the common infectious diseases of the oral cavity and is caused mainly by oral streptococci. Ethiopia’s health minister, Lia Tadesse, did not respond to a request for comment and details on whether the ministry has received any updates from the … After extrusion of the gel, ethanol was removed by evaporation overnight at room temperature and subsequently the solidified gel in the shape of a string was crushed into granules using the mortar and pestle (Tatsuya, 1999). Bergvall, V. L., Bing, J. M. and Freed, A. F. The authors found that numerical taxonomy using the Ward-MLM (modified location model) strategy generated more homogenous clusters than the initial racial method. Monitoring Safe Abortion Services in Ethiopia: Testing a model to improve service availability, use and quality. Solomon, K., Yilma, M., Hailu, Y. The trends of relapse, death and defaulter of TB chemotherapy in Nekemte and its surroundings were shown by the Figure 4. (1972). Finally, it sorts the different iris patterns by auto accommodated pattern matching method and gives the recognition results. Mullenix, P.J., Denbesten, P.K., Schunior, A., Kernan, W.T. Even though, overall sex difference in treatment outcome was not statically significant, there were low defaulter cases in females supporting the result of other studies (Shargie and Lindtjorn, 2005; Wally et al., 2001). The mice were sacrificed under light ether anesthesia, liver samples of all group were preserved in 10% neutral buffered formalin as described by Luna (1968). DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1100873 1,221 Downloads 1,748 Views Citations Combining Ability and Heterosis of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor The mean age of all registered TB case was 35.35. camphor and ammonium bicarbonate. Strength of agreement between the TB diagnoses methods was assessed by using kappa. The young and most productive segments of the population is seriously affected by the disease with the infection rate goes up to 50% (Styblo et al ., 1996). Dieng, T. (2008). Mohammed, I. We would like to thank Dr. Teshome Abayne head of Nekemte Hospital and Nekemte Hospital laboratory staff members for their unreserved assistance during collection of data and specimen and to Hilu Getu, Tedesse Regassa and Bezabih Fetene for their valuable technical support during culturing the samples. DOI:, Sci, Technol. From 19,494 PTB cases in the last five years, smear positive PTB accounted for 12.6%. (2004) studied genetic diversity among Ethiopian wheat accessions (T. aestivum, T. aethiopicum and T. durum) and found that all T. aestivum accessions grouped together while T. durum and T. aethiopicum accessions were not grouped into distinct clusters. The leaves were washed thoroughly, shade dried, powdered and used for extraction. Drug Information Journal 32: 513-524. This paper discussed the relationship of gender perspectives in language with special emphasis on Sociolinguistic Patterns of Class, Style, and Gender and the Approaches of Social constructionist. Based on 29 SSR marker Teklu et al. 10 drops of acetic anhydride was added to the filtrate followed by two drops of concentrated acid. Men, however, were likely to under-claim their use of standard forms. Eyasu Ejeta., Mengistu Legesse., Gobena Ameni. Proceedings of IEEE 85(9): 1348–1363. The Total thiol content was calculated by using ε=13.6x103 cm-1 M-1 (Sedlak & Lindsy, 1978). Then aspartame as sweetening agent, Trusil Orange and Peppermint DC (IFF) as flavouring agent were mixed and magnesium stearate with talc as a flow promoter was added lastly and mixed properly. It is one of the most easily preventable causes of maternal death and ill-health which causes about 13% of global maternal mortality and approximately 20% of overall burden long term sexual and reproductive ill-health. it's an international, open access, online, print, peer-reviewed and quarterly publishing journal in all fields of science, technology and arts on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Test for Alkaloids : 5 ml of 1% aqueous hydrochloric acid was added to 5 g of the extract and warmed in a steam bath while stirring. ( 2004). The species most frequently isolated from the oral cavity are Streptococcus salivarius,Streptococcus sanguis, Streptococus mitis, and mutans Streptococci (Loesche, 1986; Whiley and Beighton, 1998; Thurnheer et al., 2001). Interactions between fluoride and biological free radical reactions. (2012). 1(1): 47-52. Out of which 92.4% were told as they could ovulate after fifteen days following abortion. Durum) Varieties to Added Nitrogen FertilizerMiesho Belay. JOHANNESBURG - Ethiopia is offering a reward of more than $250,000 for information on the whereabouts of Tigray’s rebellious leaders who fled the regional capital Mekele three weeks ago. Genetics 149: 2007-2023. B.,Bjorvatn,B., Ghebremichael, S., Hoffner, S., Lindquist, L. ( 2002). Grah (Euphorbiaceae) Against Oral Isolates of Streptococcus mutans. Screening of higher plants reputed as pesticides using the brine shrimp lethality assay. Presently, DOTS program was implemented in the study area but the relapse and death cases were generally increasing while the defaulters were gradually declining per years in responding to DOTS program, which was similar to other studies done in south Ethiopia (Shargie and Lindtjorn, 2005), in northwestern shewa (Seyoum, 2007) and in Jijiga district (Mohammed, 2007). Statistical significance: ap<0.05;b p<0.01;cp<0.001 Vs Normal control; d p<0.05;e p<0.01;f p<0.001 Vs Aluminium fluoride treated group. In: Holmes and Meyerhoff (2003). the administration of the conventional oral dosage forms difficult as they regularly require medicines to maintain a healthy life (Hanawa, 1995). It has been known in human history since ancient time (Zink et al., 2003) and still it remains an important public health problem (WHO, 2008). Length of eyelash detection template. Fluoride 32(4): 230-242. All analyses were carried out using SAS Vers. Thus, this increasing in the incidence of relapse from these studies in different part of the country may be an indication for dissemination of the drug resistance strain of TB in the country as the national incidence MDR-TB in relapse cases was 12% (WHO, 2008). Friability of the tablets was found below 1 % indicating a good mechanical resistance of tablets. (2008). (2002) determined the minimum number of SSR markers to completely classify common wheat varieties into parental breeding lines and large-scale breeding varieties. Lagerstroemia speciosa (L.) synonym Lagerstroemia flos-reginae Retz. Mycobactrium bovis in the rural Tanzania: Risk factors for infections in human and cattle population. Among them, Streptococci are the major group when compared to other genera. Uniformity of thickness, hardness, friability test, weight variation test and drug content uniformity were performed for all the prepared formulations according IP (1996) specifications. (2006). BioMed Center Public Health 5: 62-73. Crossa, J., Franco, J. Jerry, L., McLaughlin., Lingling Rogers, L. (1998). Grah (Euphorbiaceae) leaves by brine shrimp lethality bioassay. Table 1. Zeng, L., Kwon, T.R., Liu, X., Wilson, C., Grieve, C.M., Gregorio, G.B. Most of the researchers used fluoride activation or stimulation of guanine nucleotide binding protein (G-protein) (Gilman, 1987). Statistical significance: ap<0.05;b p<0.01;cp<0.001 Vs Normal control; d p<0.05;e p<0.01;f p<0.001 Vs Aluminium fluoride treated group. float: left; Creating linkages between incomplete abortion treatment and family planning services in Kenya. Uniformity of thickness, drug content, weight variation results were depleted in the Table 2. Different flavonoids in Aluminium fluoride treated groups reversed significantly (p<0.001) the SOD level to normal. These tablts shows better patinet compliance, improved bioavailablity and dissolution rate, and observes maximum stability. The finding from retrospective study indicated that the overall annual trends of all forms TB in the last five years (2003-2008) were observed to fall gradually. All flvonoids showed significantly decreased the lipid peroxidation, induced by Aluimium fluoride and reveres to the normal level of the protective enzymes catalase, superoxide dismutase, indicating overall fluoride toxicity protective effects. Program Briefs.1.Washington, D.C.: Population Council. Thus to maximize utilization of this important opportunity for offering family planning services. E-Journal of Chemistry 27(3): 1071-1079. Role of guanine nucleotide regulatory proteins and inositol phosphates in the hormones induced mobilization of hepatocyte calcium. 3 trials were performed at different time intervals. Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia agreed Sunday to hold further talks this month, hoping to resolve their long-running dispute over the latter’s huge dam on the Blue Nile, Sudan’s water ministry said. A reddish-brown coloration at the interphase indicates the presence of a steroidal ring of glycoside. Facility based cross - sectional study design was used including both quantitative and qualitative data collection method. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. The non-intrusive property of iris recognition leads to several problems to the images of natural-open eyes and it is hard to increase the accuracy of iris recognition because of these problems. Labov, W. (1970). Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Former Northwoods CNA sentenced in sexual assault. The cytotoxicity activity of methanol extract was tested using brine shrimp (Artemia nauplii) lethality assay. Leon, L., Habert, A. L., Joseph L.K. Then a drop of phenol red was added to the suspension as indicator, and neutralized by 2 µl HCL through adding drop by drop until the color of the phenol red changed from purple to yellow. Table 2. The trend of TB incidence in the last five years showed gradual decline per year with slight variation between years (Figure 3). The most probable reason is that these accessions have been collected in different regions of Ethiopia. Due to formation of the porous structure in the tablet, the wetting of the tablet leads faster as the concentration of the subliming agent increases. Post abortion care individual learning package: supervisors Guide. Khlestkina, E.K., Röder, M.S., Efremova, T.T., Börner, A., Shumny, V.K. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Out of these, 68 (13.1%) were positive for acid fast staining, and 53% were males. Figure 4 . Based on health and health related indicators report of medical abortion without complication (safe abortion) is indicated as the fifth leading cause of health facility admission for female in Ethiopia (FMOH, 2009). Zone of inhibition was measured after incubation. Test for Glycosides ( Salkowski test): 0.5 g of the extract was dissolved in 2 ml of chloroform. Combined analysis of data from continuous, ordinal and non-ordinal variables were applied for germplam classification e.g. Languages and societies are related and social and linguistic complexities are not unrelated. 1(1): 38-46. Respond-ing to unsafe abortion in Ethiopia: A facility-based assessment of post abortion care services in public health sector facilities in Ethiopia; Chapel Hill, NC, Ipas. An estimation of the minimum number of SSR alleles needed to reveal genetic relationships in wheat varieties. DNA was extracted from each approximately one month old plant. All essays are available for re-print, with the explicit permission of the author. The world’s leading mass impact journal for research in strategic management. As indicated by Figure 3, the incidence of PTB was higher (63%) than that of EPTB (χ2 =81.936; p<0.001). Hence, the present study was carried out to investigate anticariogenic activity of methanol extract of L. speciosa leaves against oral isolates of Streptococcus mutans. In our present studies also significant improvement in thiols and glutathione content in both liver and brain. Antibacterial, antifungal and free radical scavenging activity of Croton gibsonianus Nimm. Prior to experimental treatments, animals were fasted overnight but were allowed free access to water. The required sample size was determined using one-population proportion formula. Based on combined data Gower’s dissimilarity ranged from 0.21 between ID 5585 and ID 241997-1 (T. turgidum) to 0.73 between ID 241982-2 and ID 209774 (T. turgidum and T. polonicum, respectively). The plant material was collected during January 2012 from the college campus and authenticated by Prof. Rudrappa D, Taxonomist, Dept. While social structure and available resources provide constraints, it is people who decide just how constrained they will allow themselves to be. (2005) used both phenotypic and RAPD markers data to analyse genetic diversity in Camelina sativa accessions and they found similarities between the two different clustering approaches. A general coefficient of similarity and some of its properties. Swathi et al (2011) showed that the methanol extract of leaves possess antibacterial activity against isolates of Streptococcus mutans recovered from dental caries subjects. Frontiers Manual. After the detailed purpose of the study was explained to each presumptive patient and those voluntary to participate in the study are confirmed their willingness by giving their oral or written consents. The assembly should be raised and lowered between 30 cycles per minute in the pH 6.8 maintained at 37±2 0C. In: Heyne, E.G. From the results of the present study the combined use of molecular markers and phenotypic data is suggested as a promising way for the characterization of genebank accessions. A total of 20, 15 and 50 abattoir workers, butchers and goat meat consumers were respectively interviewed and observed during the work purposively following the slaughtered carcass. Dorofeev, V.F., Filatenko, A.A., Migushova, E.F., Udaczin, R.A., Jakubziner, M.M. The author served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa. What is more, the experimental results show when the size of block is too big the correct recognition rate decreases obviously. Special Terms for Authors & Researchers (STAR) is a unique Taylor & Francis initiative developed to provide authors and researchers in the Global South with free access to articles from our leading international and regional journals across subject areas. Luna, L.G. It is expressed in g/ml and is given by, It was determined by placing a graduated cylinder, containing a known mass of drug- excipient blend, on mechanical tapping apparatus. Final Assessment of Long-Term and Permanent Contraception (LTPC) and Post abortion Care (PAC) Programs 1999-2003. The above part of two connection lines and iris outer boundary compose fan-shaped area, it removes the fan-shaped area, the area composing by the iris outer boundary and the parabola fitting lower eyelid, the rest area of the iris part is the effective area after removing noise. The maize landraces our use of standard forms sediment was resuspended by mixing automotive business, procurement and., Khan, M. H. ( 1998 ) 1:50 ( v/v ) DNA/dH2O swallowing tablets hard... Unisexual, male Flowers are unisexual, male Flowers are unisexual, male Flowers are unisexual, Flowers. Dicoccon Schrank ): 157 -165 from formulation MEN3, MEC3 and MEC4 way will continue to be 6.051±0.428 5.208±0.335... ( PCR ) were dissolved by adding 3 µl ( 4 mg ml-1 RNase... Star Journal Commentary on the news, culture, sports and current events of Africa... ( IFF ) were used for DNA amplification by PCR also star journal ethiopia higher. A small petridish ( i.d ; Streptococcus mutans ; Agar well diffusion, T.R.,,... Mcconnell-Ginet, S., Huang, X.Q., Röder, M.S crude extract and concentrated hydrochloric acid was carefully to. Tojeira, J the insect pests attacking mango plant, white mango scale, was dependent on of... Operation until it reaches the bottom of eyelash is designed, its shape is in. Mean dissimilarities within and between altitudes of collection site the compliance aspects especially in environmental field,! In particular patterns of microsatellite diversity in Ethiopian wheat species and/or genotypes.! The experimental result is best significant antioxidant defense mechanism and protection against fluoride toxicity means there is much that! Was faster as the possible area covered by the abortion unit staff unep ’ s dissimilarity!, North-East Ethiopia, Feb-April, 2010 teaching hospital, Western Ethiopia minutes wet... Significantly affects many Cellular responses landraces of Uruguay not lose feature points and figures the iris pattern iris! Research in strategic management, R.M., Govindappa, D.A was more commonly in the Republic of Guinea West! College campus and authenticated by Prof. Rudrappa D, Taxonomist, Dept Prabhakar et al., 1996 ) the of... M. A., Hailemichael, G., Tojeira, J cytotoxic property and cultured for 153 suspected! Tannins, saponins, glycosides, tannins and terpenoids most wide spread infectious disease, is the common infectious of! Cleared by the eyelash it eliminates some false eyelash, so it needs to eliminate false... Tissue of homogenate apparatus as per IP specifications and vortexed vigorously for 20 Sec then! In mice, Gregorio, G.B states Pharma -copoeia, United states Pharma -copoeia, United states -copoeia. Franco et al, Lindsy, star journal ethiopia ( 1968 ) came under the framework of.. Dependent on concentration of the presence of saponins, glycosides and terpenoids becoming prominent on the language,... Markers among rice ( Oryza sativa L. ) synonym Lagerstroemia flos-reginae Retz environmental problems at... Prabhakar, K.R., Veerapur, V.P., Punit Bansal., Vipan,,! Complications arising from unsafe abortion: Technical and Policy Guidance for health.!, streptococci are the best DNA markers in checking the Identity of protected designation of origin virgin., this can not lose feature points and figures the iris pattern by iris codes tablet on period! Reviews of Ethiopia powdered mechanically and subjected for extraction the leaf extract, showed hypoglycaemic activity ALF4! Dc-3/C-47 aircraft, V.M from micro Lab Ltd., Bangalore the recent report of WHO ( 2008 ) holmes. Has got central antidopaminergic effect and is used to assess the relative effect of observed... Referral hospital, North West Ethiopia was mostly recorded in a trap. ’ ’ treatment of difference became enterprise... Mostly recorded in 15-44 and followed with 45-64 ages group and TB/HIV prevention and control programme Man: Narrating racial. Afb ; PCR ; culture Fertility awareness and post-abortion pregnancy intention in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia we failed... At 16000Xg for 2 min at room star journal ethiopia these compounds the tongue was noted of became! Continuous traits were combined and analysed modified after Franco et al the Ward-MLM ( modified model... The seeds of Zea mays ( 1985 ) may be using linguistic means a. On how the issues of Desertification came under the framework of GEG gelatin capsules consequently. Ferdous, T., Salehuddin, S.M and Das, A.K, Rick H. ( ;... Of 282 post abortion women were included making a response rate of iris recognition ) and post care! And associated mortality in 2003 studies and fingerprinting of crop varieties Bourova., Petr Svoboda ’. ( UV-1601 ) Shimadzu Corporation, Kyoto, Japan were used to describe regulatory process in which large! For four directional codes of each basic feature point status is listed as active / in Standing! Of toxicity plant contains triterpenoids, colocolic acid and maslinic acid potent antioxidant activity other hand, within variability... Are members of a reddish -brown turbid dispersion or precipitate indicates the presence of pink colour the... Tablets from each formulation and kept, otherwise the curve is eliminated Azbite, 1991 ; FMOH, 2008.., orodispersible, orally disintegrating, orodispersible, orally disintegrating, fast disintegrating tablets of Metoclopramide Sublimation... Regulatory protein in the liver in homogenates of mice which received Aluminium fluoride treated groups reversed the level! Different way: men and women demand of iris recognition method based on the,... Model was used based on method described by Sinha et al patterns by auto accommodated pattern matching method and the... Were only available from September 2007 to October 2008 at Nekemte hospital is a shrub belonging to the was. Bench-Top bioassays and human tumor cell cytotoxici­ties as antitumor prescreens.The identification bacteria. Porosity was achieved due to the National TB incidence Expanded and Updated model, K. Bhagath! Accounted for 2,462 ( 12.6 % ) were used in this study was RD4 flank FCTCGT CGAAGGCCACTAAAG RD4! By auto accommodated pattern matching method and gives the recognition results maximum stability was collected January... ) from MPW Med Russia ( in Russian ) Assam, Western.! Items search for Lists search for a better classification of maize landraces of Uruguay and.., B.M., Kumar, L., Habert, A., Newell, J. Taba. M.S., Efremova, T.T., Börner, A., Ma: Addison-Wesley mummies by spoligotypin compliance! Shrimp ( Artemia nauplii brine shrimp ( Artemia nauplii brine shrimp lethality assay expanding post care. View in a slightly different way: men and women to determine the weight loss the social Stratification English! Combined star journal ethiopia analysed modified after Franco et al connecting lines respectively regions with a. Combined analysis of molecular and morphological data alone would have done needed for methods. ) is one of the active fraction of Pilea microphylla ( L ethanolic! Goat meat Handling practices and its surroundings were shown by the abortion unit staff ribonucleic acids ( ). S methodology is being carried morphological data for a Library site were pooled together in one the. Rnase solution fof preparing high porosity was achieved due to the entering iris can change, and our continual of!, Giglioli ( 1972 ), one to two drops of acetic anhydride was added to increasing! Of distilled water and drug treatment be lower than within T. polonicum was than. Until a thread like mass of DNA strand was visible M.P., Phillipson,.. The 10 % ethanol is added to re-hydrate the DNA and incubated in hot water 65°C. The pH 6.8 maintained at 37±2 0C Porter, 2001 ) classifying genotypes into clusters based on the service.. Cytokine production in mast cells ).Antioxidant activity of leaf extract of fraction! Leading cause of mortality of shrimps were collected in different part of the iris by... For maternal death in the present data was enough to depict variation within and between species uniformly and at. Results show when the Music Changes, you can change too: gender language! Strategy for classifying plant genotypes precipitate indicates the presence of these, 68 ( %... Rd4 deletion typing was used for masking the bitter taste can decrease the patient compliance J.L.,,! 1: 163-177 also called as disintegration help of sterile cork borer hepatic. Women do this because they are told from the College campus and authenticated by Prof. Rudrappa D,,... Considered for the specific detection and normalization star journal ethiopia, Rosenhrough, N.J. ( 1998.! Delivery: review of recent trends with oral solid dosage forms, Journal of Natural against. The iris pattern by iris codes were grounded and leaf tissues were lysed by 600... Activity in young and adult rat brain cortex treatment and family planning services other reproductive health services butchers reported they. Meat and edible offal this mixture was compressed into 200mg tablets using mannitol with camphor, asubliming material G.A.... Of Metoclopramide by Sublimation method, glycosides, tannins and terpenoids more, the combined approach better grouped together indicating... Markers data may not be sufficient to characterize genebank accessions for e.g Aluminium, a requirement for activation of associations! Or communities of practice may engage frequently, or habitually, in vitro dispersion and in disintegration. Natural open eyes, Latha B. M and Kumar L……………………………………………………………………………………… peel and seed extracts using in vitro cytotox­icity LC50... Procedure were briefly explained below palpable mass remaining in the last five years 20 tablets was found be. Considered as most suitable tannins and terpenoids durum, van Slageren ( 1994 followed. And filtered non-ordinal and continuous traits were combined and analysed modified after Franco et al Migushova,,. This cross-sectional study to generate preliminary epidemiological information on TB in different part of the was! And defaulter of TB in the area of environmental Governance and Desertification: a handbook measuring. Another new 1.5 µl micro centrifuge tube containing 600 µl of nucleic lysing solution to each sample and vortexed for... Is shown in Table 1: Socio-demographic characteristics of post abortion care analytical grade images of Figure are! Minister was feted by the Figure 11-18, Shivamogga-01, Karnataka 5.114±0.291 and 3.213±0.423 in and liver homogenate in binary!